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The Santa Monica Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR pronounced "D" "A" "R"), was organized over one hundred years ago on May 17, 1906. The chapter's name was chosen because meetings were held in Santa Monica.

Today our 115+ members come from all over the Greater Los Angeles area and up and down the coast.  There are 115 chapters in our state, but local residency is not a requirement for membership in any chapter. 

We are a vibrant group of women dedicated to promoting the goals of the NSDAR, a national, non-profit, non-political, volunteer women's service organization. Any woman 18 years or older who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence is eligible to join the DAR.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. We hope to hear from you. Please look at our calendar and contact us if you would like to attend any programs.


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